How to Create a Safe Sleep Environment

Baby sleeping in wink bassinet

Having a baby is an amazing experience! You become a parent and start to experience all of the incredible things about raising a child. While it can be challenging, it is the most rewarding job out there! As a parent, there are so many decisions to make. Are you going to breastfeed or formula feed? […]

Tips for Traveling With Kids for the Holidays

little toddler sitting in uplift highchair inside home

November opens the door to one of my favorite times of year – the Holidays!! I come from a huge family so when I think of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I can’t help but remember all the happy times spent with friends and family when I grew up. My Dad is one of 11 and my […]

A Guide to Baby’s First Bath

little baby in a grey cushy nest bather taking a bath in the bath tub

There is nothing quite like the tender but seemingly terrified facial expression of a new dad as he bathes his 7 day old newborn for the very first time. Baby’s first bath is a memorable experience new parents treasure for a lifetime, though it often sparks uncertainties surrounding timing, materials, and safety. Roll up those […]

Choosing the Best Bassinet For You and Your Baby

mother laying in bed looking over her baby in bassinet

Choosing the right sleep space for your little one can be overwhelming. Especially because you haven’t even met her yet! You don’t know her personality or what she will prefer which makes it even trickier. This list will help you make the best decision about choosing the best bassinet for you AND your baby. Bassinet […]

7 Tips for Camping With the Kiddos

kids camp chair outside in front of the fire by a pond with parents feet

After a long, long winter here in New England, we are beyond excited to get outside to do some of our favorite things! We got out for hikes and lots of sledding during the cold winter months. But if I’m being honest, snow is not my favorite. However, I am a pretty big fan of […]

Our First Flight Post-Pandemic

Mom sitting on airplane with her daughter in her daughters by her side and masks on.

Desperate for Travel Without getting too much into our thoughts and feelings about COVID, I do want to share our first trip since the pandemic started. My husband and I have always been big travelers.  Before becoming parents we would travel several times a year.  So many people warned us “you better travel now before […]

The Reality of Breastfeeding

baby laying on moms legs sleeping after breastfeeding

I had been a nurse for a few years before starting my position on the Maternity Unit.  Other than clinicals years ago, this area was pretty foreign to me since I wasn’t a mother at that time. I was excited to be working with new moms and babies. Precious little newborns and, for the most […]

One Year Later – Parenting, Small Business, and Covid

a computer screen with 7 coworkers holding up signs to thank customers on a zoom call

A Time of Uncertainty March 13, 2020. That was the day I picked my kids up at school for a two-week break so that the school could be deep cleaned and we’d wait for Covid to subside. One year later and they are still not fully back to school. Nobody really knew what we were […]

How I Chose My Baby Registry Must-Haves

A pregnant mother baby belly holding her sonogram picture over the baby bassinet.

August 6th, 2020, I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was the day I found out I was pregnant with my first little blessing. Once the fact that I was having a baby sunk in, the realization that we were going to need a LOT of stuff hit me. That was around 10 […]

9 Gentle Parenting Reminders for When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

A mother happily holding her baby in the air with her young daughter standing next to her legs.

Being a parent can feel overwhelming and a bit much sometimes, and rightfully so. You have people to take care of, additional responsibilities, schedules and of course, self care to think about. It would make sense that sometimes you might feel a bit in over your head, especially if you’re new to all of this. […]

10 Snowy Day Activities Outside

Little girl outside on a snowy day on her llama snow tube having fun.

We’re in the mist of winter up here and February break will be here before you know it. We all know it’s easy to stay inside, where it’s cozy and warm.  But things can get pretty tense when everyone is cooped up indoors, especially given the past year that we have had. And though I’m […]

Our Second Pregnancy; a story of miscarriage.

Family Photo

We found out we were pregnant with our second baby on Thanksgiving morning in 2018, after just a couple months of trying.  I will never forget this morning.  Aria, who had just turned two, was snuggling in our bed. I took the pregnancy test and brought it over to my husband.  As I showed them […]

The mental load of Covid. A mom’s perspective.

Masked mom and daughters during covid

Today was the day that the mental burden of Covid outweighed the physical fear.  They tell you that parenting is hard. It is. The infant stage, the toddler stage, the little kid stage and I presume the rest of the growing up stages too. Each one has their own challenges and similarly each one has […]

Juggling the Holidays with Children

Juggling the Holidays with Children

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Have you started planning out how you’re going to manage your holidays? Or maybe you’ve already started Christmas shopping?! I’m not quite there yet but I’m certainly thinking about it.  I love the holidays and it’s so much more magical with kids now. Seeing everything through […]

Finding Postpartum Wellness

mom holding baby

After recently having my second baby, I’ve been so fortunate to experience the postpartum life times two. So I’m basically an expert now, right? Luckily, I had very similar births, so the recovery wasn’t too much different. Somehow my body knew exactly what to do the second time around. But as much as postpartum recovery […]

A Guide to Gentle Sleep Training

Sleeping Baby

So you’re thinking about sleep training. Good, who doesn’t love sleep?! We all need it. You’re not being selfish for wanting your baby to sleep better so that you can get more sleep. Sleep is so important for our babies to grow and so parents can get rest to provide optimal care to their babies. […]

10 Creative Dinnertime Solutions When You’ve Got a New Baby

Cooking with newborn

Before you had a newborn in the house, you may have spent hours prepping and cooking dinners. Maybe you and your partner even spent time creating your own recipes and putting new spins on your favorites. Now, however, you can’t even set aside 30 minutes to prepare dinner. Never fear! You can still make nutritious […]